St. John’s Church is a designated historical museum that preserves the integrity of our past while promoting the history of our area for now and future generations. St. John’s Church will be self-sustaining by creating and maintaining a community space that hosts a variety of community events and programming.

We are committed to building a sustainable future for St. John’s Church that will continually drive the community of Lac du Bonnet forward. Our vision is to preserve the history of Lac du Bonnet’s oldest, intact building for the integrity of our past and our future. We will keep the heart of St. John’s alive by opening its doors to the general public to create a true community space that welcomes all.

The priorities and goals of the Preservation Committee are:

  • Building awareness of St. John’s Heritage Church & Art Centre

  • Raising $96,000 of funding to support the purchase of the former St. John’s Anglican Church, secure five years of operational expenses, and support the operational expenses of the St. John’s Heritage Church & Art Centre, and

  • Ensure a sustainable future for the operations of St. John’s Heritage Church & Art Centre as a community space.

It is with the support of the community that the Preservation Committee will be successful. Whether you make a donation, become a volunteer, host an event, or attend one of the events we are planning, you are helping save this historic landmark and preserving our history for generations to come.

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The Preservation Committee will be hosting over 100 community events this year. Take a look at what we have planned.



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Help us reach our fundraising goal of $96,000 to preserve St. John’s Church and create a community space for all.



The Lac du Bonnet and District Historical Society has undertaken a substantial new initiative for the benefit of the Community of Lac du Bonnet by securing the former St. John’s Anglican Church.

The Church is our community’s oldest, intact building. For nearly 113 years, with its spire standing tall, the St. John’s Church has stood the tests of time and has borne witness to the ever-changing culture of our community.

The Church represents the gathering place of many of our area’s First Peoples and settlers from 25 nationalities. the walls bore witness to at least 679 baptisms, 172 marriages, and 365 burials.

Sadly, deconsecration of St. John’s Anglican Church took place on December 3, 2018.

Entering a new chapter of history in the making, a newly formed Preservation Committee has been formed to preserve the structure and the integrity of the former St. John’s Anglican Church.

While the church will no longer be a place of worship, it will continue to be a gathering place for our community. Together we can preserve the integrity of the former St. John’s Anglican Church and ensure that the building and the history contained within its walls is carried forward for generations to come.