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Octavious in Transition was formed a year or so ago, as a local group of musicians getting together to play music and have some fun. As their repertoire of songs grew, Octavious decided it was time to start hitting the road to do some gigging. They started showing up regularly at open mics across southern Manitoba and have played numerous fund-raising events and outdoor bashes. Their song list includes a mix of country, bluesy jazz, easy listening, and light rock favorites. Seven members strong, Octavious in Transition delivers vibrant tunes with little twists here and there to keep audiences listening. Band members include:

Rachel Veroneau – lead vocals, guitar, violin, banjo, and mandolin. Rachel started playing music with her Dad in a guitar/accordion duet and from there developed a habitual attraction to stringed instruments. Rachel delivers a variety of tunes with some great, ‘off-the-beaten-path’ gems.

Kathleen Nadolsky – keyboards. Kathleen started off early in life with piano lessons which ultimately led her to a church organist gig at the Anglican Church in Lac du Bonnet. From there she started jamming with Rachel and became an early member of Octavious providing punchy piano licks to a variety of tunes.

Ed Courcelles – bass guitar, backing vocals. Ed’s bass playing forms the critical beat with the drums and percussion that keeps Octavious true-to-the-groove. He spent most of his life in Pine Falls, but now resides in Lac du Bonnet and performs in many ensembles at church and open mic functions.

Richard Papineau – percussion, harmonica, saxophone, and backing vocals. Tough to keep this man down, Richard is comfortable providing percussion and wicked harp leads to all genres of music. His conga beats are awesome, and you can find him performing with all sorts of musicians all over East-Man. His motto is simply, “I’ll do anything with anybody”.

Paul Bedard – drums. The last Octavian to join the band and crazy for jamming, Paul travels from Selkirk to Lac du Bonnet weekly to practice with the band. Yes, he loves us……and he keeps the band moving with his steady drum beats and is never shy about teasing other band members and bringing laughter to the jam.

Helmar Ostrom – electric lead guitar. This man has played music! Helmar played in his first band at the age of 13 in 1953, and yes, that was last century. His specialty is Chet Atkins style picking and in the mid-60’s he picked Chet tunes exclusively. He had a chance to jam and join Chad Allan and the Silvertones in Winnipeg but turned down the gig for a budding career in Pine Falls. He even did a stint as a bass player in a nondescript rock band, but we don’t hold that against him.

Shawn Keith – acoustic and electric guitars, lead vocals. Shawn provides steady guitar rhythms and quirky lead fills alongside Helmar’s chickin’-pickin’. He has played in numerous local bands and always enjoys sitting and jamming. Occasionally he tests the band’s musical knowledge with on-the-spot “Music Trivia” moments.

Tickets are $10.00 and will be available soon at Ingham’s Pharmacy and at the door! Contact us and we can reserve your tickets.