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The Listening Room is proud to announce that Jaxon Haldane will be playing with us on July 3rd!

Jaxon Haldane reveres tradition while retaining a distinct modernism. His ability to combine the visceral intensity of punk rock or Dixieland, with the soul-stirring emotion of vintage country and blues is emboldened by his songwriting. The result is a gumbo – rich and spicy. Earthy, yet sweet. Rustic, but refined enough that you know a real chef is in the kitchen… one who cooks with love.

Jaxon’s self-deprecating sense of humor shines in his bio:

Jaxon Haldane is from Winnipeg Manitoba. His bio is just like everyone else’s. It details his myriad talents(Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer, Songwriter, Producer) and attempts to cleverly generalize about his music, pigeonholing it ever so eloquently with cliche one-liners like, “Hank Williams and Johnny Ramone’s secret love child” (which makes sense neither musically, historically, nor biologically). It drones on and on ad nauseum about the disparate periods and styles that influence Jaxon’s music and attempts to paint a picture of some sort of renaissance man. I get that he blends many different genres into a cohesive, honest, engaging show, but the bio may be selling it too hard.

On a more positive note, Haldane’s bio also goes on to detail his many accomplishments and career milestones like recording Willie P Bennett’s last sessions, and as a sideman of great renown traveling the world and backing artists like Gordie Tentrees or Leaf Rapids. It may even declare something like, “his vocals and instrumental depth combine with his innate ability to understand the needs of a song, making him a major asset on the stage”. But Haldane’s bio conveys this with more spunk and less pretense.

Overall, the bio is good. Not particularly special, but honest and thorough. It is simply laying down the facts about one of Canada’s great, underappreciated treasures. His is the kind of bio you can trust. His tech rider, on the other hand, …don’t get me started.

Contact us to reserve your tickets or pick them up at the door!

Doors open at 6:30.

Show starts at 7:00.