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You may know Richard from beyond the walls, sauntering down the streets of Lac du Bonnet, or belting out a tune at the Lakeview but if you haven’t seen him perform his original works – you haven’t seen anything at all.

Richard Nadolsky is a musical contrivance of the highest order. His music moves through him with a passion and drive like no other as if he himself becomes the instrument delivering song after song until his soul is empty and the audiences’ is filled up.

There is no genre to describe Nadolsky’s music. If we were to make one up, it would be Whimsical Manitobaman with a hint of True Grit and Hardcore Passion for the art.

Richard’s talent goes beyond the stage spilling out into the world around him, where he’s discovered anything can be a canvas to let his mind wander. His original pieces of art are thought-provoking, clusters of imaginative dystopias that can pull viewers in for hours trying to search out the details and stories that lay within the paint. Richard’s art will be on display and available for purchase during the show.

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